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This is Lily from Doneax Co.,Ltd

Our company specializes in the development of medical pulsed xenon ultraviolet lamps and photoelectric sterilization related technologies, and has achieved relatively rich scientific research results, and has completed the development of a series of products.

Popular products include:Pulsed Intensive Light Disinfection Chambers,Clean Fresh Super-quiet Man-machine coexistence,Air Purifying Disinfector AirH-Y600H,Ultrasound Probe Disinfector…

The above products are widely used in various fields, especially hospitals and clinics. Bed units Disinfection of ICU, operation room, Isolation room, etc

If you are interested in us and get more information, not hesitate to contact us!

During the epidemic , let us work together to defeat the virus.

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Email: hgnb2b@163.com

Website: www.doneax.com

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